Products & Services


Products we have currently involved and will develop in:

  1. I.Industrial segmend
  • Solvents

Ecosol SBA, Ecosol 1000, PMA, BAC, EAC, Xylene from Korea

  • Plasticizer

Epoxidized Soya Bean oil, DIDP, DINP, TOTM) from Korea

  • Pigments, Carbon Black and dyes , extenders

for Paints and Plastic and Rubber

  • Matting agents Dusil grades and anti blocking

Silica compounds for paints, inks and plastic

  • Additive Anti S and Anti S-HV from Korea

Sagging and settling resistance for wood and industrial paints

  • Other additives

Levelling agent, defoamer, Dispesing agent

  • Alkyd resins, acrylic resins, polyester and Epoxy resins

Long Oil Alkyd, Short Oil Alkyds, Acrylic polyols, Unsaturated Polyester

  • Grinding Media (beads)

Zircornium Silicate beads, Yttria Stabilized Zirconia Beads, Alumina Beads

  1. II.Food and Feed application
Free flow powder and carrying agens
Vitamine A, C, B1,B2, E
Synthetic and Natural colors


  1. III.Water treatment
Polymer Cation and Polymer Anion
Calcium Hypochloride

Powdered Active Carbon

  1. IV.Household & Detergent
Thickener silicas for toothpaste
TEA ( Triethanol Amine)
PCE (Perchloro Ethylene) for dry laundry, cleaning

EQ (Triethanolamine ester quaternary)




Logistics and Inventory Management

FAMICHEM’s value-added services including logistics and inventory management make us the partner of choice for both customers and suppliers. The result: you get the quality specialty chemicals you need in time, when you need them.

Through our established warehouse facilities, we offer material handling expertise and logistical capabilities to meet your specific needs. Benefit from our expertise in product applications and technical requirements.

As an additional service, FINACHEM offers an effective Inventory Management process to reduce your working capital whilst improving operational efficiency.